Coaching for Attention, Creativity & Career


Get Calmer, Stay Focused, Follow Your Creative Spirit

ADD Mindfulness Coaching helps you to train your attention, tap into your intuition, and use your strengths and talents to do the kind of work that is rewarding and fulfilling.

By incorporating mindfulness, writing, assessments, and creativity, your career development and career transitions become easier to navigate.

Do you:

Struggle with ADD/ADHD type traits/ executive functions issues such as planning, organizing, problem solving and making decisions?

Need to decide on a course of study so that you can use your talents and passions to lead you into a meaningful career?

Want to transition into a career that gives you a sense of purpose, where you can creatively do what you enjoy?

Career Coaching Services

Who needs career coaching?

Whether you are:

A student in college or graduate school who is planning a next course of study or career options,

A recent graduate who is a career starter,

A professional in mid-career who is a career changer or in a state of career transition,

An entrepreneur who wants to create a new career,

ADD Mindfulness Coaching can help you move into the future while staying grounded in the present and living each day with courage and conviction.

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ADD Mindfulness

With mindfulness skills you learn to pay attention and focus on what it is you truly want to do. With creativity you use your strengths and talents. Then you can persevere in school and at work, moving closer toward your desired goals and the career that best suits you.
  • Set goals and break them into action steps to make career transitions
  • Enhance knowledge about school options and career choices
  • Gain self-confidence in deciding on a school or career path
  • Detach from self-defeating thoughts about career moves
  • Use your strengths and talents to find meaningful studies and work options
  • Find an academic or career path that fits your desires

ADD Mindfulness Coaching can help you discover your own unique talents, follow your vision, and fulfill your calling. I will support you in your journey–at school, at work, in life.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

We can arrange coaching sessions as often and for as long as needed. ADD Mindfulness Coaching is in New York City, but is usually performed over the phone, and online/Skype. If you are in New York City we can arrange to meet in person.

Do you have a deep wish to create something of meaning and value—something that will fulfill you and bring joy to other people?

Click on the link for a free preview and sign up for the course: Follow Your Creative Spirit. You’ll learn ways to brainstorm ideas, set goals, take action steps, and make something tangible out of the dreams and desires you carry inside you.