Aug 16

ADD Mindfulness

Research has shown that the brain is always altering. The networks in the brain are reinforced by all that we learn, think, and do.  Practicing mindfulness frequently throughout the day, then, can actually change the way our brains work.

You can add mindfulness to whatever treatment methods you are currently using to help with your ADHD/attention issues. For example, becoming more mindful of the breath is a fundamental way to stabilize attention, minimize distractions, and lengthen focus.

Here is a tip from Dennis Lewis, author of Free Your Breath, Free Your Life, and other books on breathing.

“For a few minutes several times a day, take a break from what you are doing, sit or stand comfortably, and follow, or sense, your breathing and all its subtle movements without trying to change it in any way.

As your awareness embraces your breathing throughout your body, notice how you become quieter inside, less identified with your thoughts and feelings and the habitual stories you tell yourself.

Once you become accustomed to working in this way during these ‘breaks,’ pay attention to your breathing in the middle of action. Notice how much more present to the situation you become. This practice can transform your life.”