Sep 22

Keep Your Mind Healthy

Being able to regulate our attention is necessary to reach our goals. Did you know it is also vital to our health and well being? But in this age of digital distraction, paying attention to one thing for an extended period of time has become a difficult skill to master. In Lucy Jo Palladino’s book, Find …

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Aug 16

ADD Mindfulness

Research has shown that the brain is always altering. The networks in the brain are reinforced by all that we learn, think, and do.  Practicing mindfulness frequently throughout the day, then, can actually change the way our brains work. You can add mindfulness to whatever treatment methods you are currently using to help with your …

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Jul 18

Can you stop thinking?

Try to stop thinking for five minutes, just noticing when you inhale and exhale. How long can you do this before thoughts call you away? Are you thinking about what you need to really be doing right now? Are you remembering something that you wish you had done differently? Of course it’s impossible to stop …

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Jun 17

Racing to get somewhere?

Racing to get somewhere? I know the feeling. We live in a time when we all seem to be racing to get somewhere. Students are trying to get high grades, be great in sports, play a musical instrument, learn a language, and achieve as much as they can as they are racing to get into …

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May 13

Yoga and ADHD Treatment

Have you even woken up feeling as if your mind were scattered in several places? That’s how I felt the other day. I had worked late the night before, stayed on the computer too long, and slept badly.    In the morning, I couldn’t decide which of the many tasks in front of me to …

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Apr 17

Mindful Multitasking

Noted ADHD expert Dr. Ari Tuckman has said: “You don’t have to have ADHD to feel like you have ADHD. The world has become so distracting that everyone is working harder to stay focused.” (Understand Your Brain, Get More Done) I think sometimes we want to find a simple reason for a complex problem. If …

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Mar 17

Welcoming New Energy

Spring is around the corner, and, for many of us, it feels as if a new energy wants to move into our lives. Perhaps there are new things we’d like to accomplish, plans we’d like to make. But to welcome in this new energy, we need to make some space. Our lives are often so …

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Feb 09

Climbing Over Limitations

What does Focus and Transcend mean? Focus in Latin means hearth or fireplace.  When we focus, we shine the light of our attention on whatever we would like to bring warmth, energy, or life to. Transcend comes from the Latin transcendere, meaning to climb over. Through better directing our focus, we can go beyond our …

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