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ADD/ADHD Resource Books

Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD
Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD
Written by two leading doctors, this book offers detailed information on supplements, diet, and mind-body practices.


Find Your Focus Zone
Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino
Wonderful guide to staying focused with many helpful ideas and information based on science.

The Edison Gene
Thom Hartmann
Shows how children with ADHD have gifts and unique abilities.

The ADD Myth: How to Cultivate the Unique Gifts of Intense Personalities
Martha Burge
How ADHD and sensitivity are related. Very worthwhile.

Victory Over ADHD: A Holistic Approach for helping children with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Deborah Merlin
This is an informative and inspiring book for people of all ages. There is a lot of useful information on diet, supplements, and other holistic treatments for ADHD and other health and learning issues. Recent updates on the website.

ADHD Without Drugs
Sanford Newmark, MD
Excellent information on diet, food sensitivities, and alternative treatments such as vitamins, herbs, and body-mind therapies.

Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits
Peg Dawson and Richard Guare
How coaching helps students whose academic performance is suffering due to deficits in executive skills, including time and task management planning, organization, impulse control, and emotional regulation.

The ADHD Family Solution
Mark Bertin, MD
A good overview of treatments with an extensive section on mindfulness.

ADDitude Magazine

A Holistic Approach to ADHD by Julianne Davidow for New York Special Child Magazine