Category: creativity coaching

Apr 26

Awaken to creativity within you

It’s spring and flowers are beginning to bloom. Yet many may be feeling anxious looking at the world around us, where there are conflicts in many places. Still, you want to move forward in your life and do what is meaningful for you. Even when things look bleak, when you don’t see how what you …

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Mar 27

Inner Work, Outer Work: Plant The Seeds for Change

All of us want to achieve particular things in our lives. It’s the nature of human beings to always think, create, innovate. We want to move the external pieces, create new pieces, combine them in new and interesting ways—whether that has to do with family, career, art, or public service. But it’s interesting to remember …

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Feb 27

Turn on the light

Sometimes when we get to a certain point in our lives we find ourselves at what seems to be an impasse. Maybe we are in a career path that doesn’t make sense anymore. You might think, “If only I’d done this, this, or this differently, things would be running more smoothly now.” Looking back and …

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Oct 28

Creative Spirit

What is a creative spirit? During the Renaissance, philosophers said that each person is born with something called a daimon. The word daimon comes from the Greek, and it can be translated in quite a few different ways, such as guiding spirit, heart’s calling, twin soul, or higher self. I like to call it a …

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Sep 30

Body and Mind

Our bodies and minds are part of the same system, and what affects one, affects the other. Two Stanford University researchers named Marilyn Oppezzo and Daniel Schwartz conducted experiments on how the way we move our bodies affects the nature of our thoughts, and the way we think affects our bodies.  Their research showed that …

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Mar 28

Personal Best

Years ago I saw a film called “Personal Best.” It was about women training for the Olympics. In the end, they were unable to attend the Olympics because the U.S. called for a boycott that year for political reasons. So the women’s only reward was their knowledge that each of them had done her “personal …

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Jun 29

Too much to do? Add one more thing…

Does it seem like your “To Do” list is never-ending? Add one more thing. Something you love to do. Many of us who are bright, creative, filled with wonderful ideas for a wide variety of projects, AND have attention issues have difficulty completing all those never-ending tasks on our To Do lists. Since our time …

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