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Oct 30

Opening to possibility

Do you ever wish you could do something, but it seems impossible? Or improbable.  It may not fit in with the image you have of yourself, and your relationship to the world. When we were children, we seemed capable of imagining many things. We could play games and slip into different roles, become anything we …

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Nov 23


There’s been a lot said and written on the subject of gratitude, how gratitude makes us happier, and actually brings more good to us. There are many ways to express gratitude, and speaking or writing about our feelings of gratitude for the people in our lives and for all the blessings we have is a …

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Sep 27

You’ve Got the Power

Do you remember the song from the musical, The King and I, that starts “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…” That’s what happens with mindfulness meditation, only the “you” is one’s self. When we meditate, we get to spend some time every day simply being with ourselves in an intimate way, …

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Jun 29

Too much to do? Add one more thing…

Does it seem like your “To Do” list is never-ending? Add one more thing. Something you love to do. Many of us who are bright, creative, filled with wonderful ideas for a wide variety of projects, AND have attention issues have difficulty completing all those never-ending tasks on our To Do lists. Since our time …

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May 30

Breathe slower, get calmer, stay focused

Over the centuries, healers from different parts of the world have taught that breathing holds great power to improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. In recent times, researchers have discovered that these teachings have a scientific basis. For example mindfulness techniques, in which we follow the breath, paying attention to it without trying to …

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