Client Stories

Susan* was a graduate student from another country, who was studying international relations at a prestigious American university. When she first arrived, Susan felt lonely and fearful. Although very bright and qualified, she was overwhelmed with school work, with being on her own, and with the necessity of speaking up in class.

She had so much work it was often hard for her to know where to begin, and she would procrastinate, waiting to get started until a couple of days before a long paper was due. Then she’d stay up very late, or even all night, in order to finish. This sometimes made her oversleep and miss classes.

Susan also had trouble organizing her schedule, and she didn’t allow sufficient study time for all of her courses. In addition, Susan didn’t even feel she had enough time to exercise or do anything just for fun. She felt depressed and isolated, afraid she wouldn’t succeed in getting her degree.

We worked together to put together a calendar, and Susan wrote in due dates for her major papers and oral presentations. Then we broke down the projects into action steps that would be needed in order for her to complete things in good time.

For oral presentations, we also allowed time for rehearsing, and went over techniques to help with speaking in front of people and with memorization.

Later, we discussed ways that Susanl could take breaks, meet people, and make friends. She was able to find a balance between her studies and free time.

Susan succeeded in getting good grades in all of her courses, and in eventually completing her degree.

was a highly creative entrepreneur with ADHD traits. He had an active mind and was interested in many things, finding it difficult to concentrate on one task at a time. An artist himself, he had also successfully started his own business as an art consultant and had a number of high profile clients.

He was gifted with traits of being highly intelligent, creative, energetic, and passionate about his work. In addition, he had a talent for combining his own art projects with the demands of his business. But over time, all of this juggling took its toll.

Over the years, as James took on more and more clients and tried to keep up with his own creative work, he found himself unable to handle all his responsibilities.

James began to have trouble organizing his time and managing the financial side of his business. Eventually, while trying to salvage what was rapidly becoming a desperate situation, he made some unfortunate financial decisions. In addition, all of the stress and long hours caused his health to suffer and break down. The business, and James, collapsed.

When I began to work with James, he had lot of obstacles to overcome.

By identifying his gifts and talents, and by taking into account his tendency to overwork and overextend himself, we began to move forward together on rebuilding both his health and his business. He knew this would not happen overnight, and he was committed to taking the necessary steps to establish a stronger foundation.

James decided on his immediate goals. We then broke these goals down and devised a practical timetable of action steps. During the coaching process, we also discussed holistic life style choices. James incorporated mindfulness skills in his daily life to enable him to calm his overactive mind.

James has learned that he has to balance all areas of his life. He has developed new patterns, routines, and structures.

Now James is gaining strength, both physically and mentally, and has secured his first new client.

(*Names have been changed to protect client privacy.)

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