Coaching for High School Students

High School Students

New Challenges and Responsibilities

High school students are at a time of new challenges and responsibilities. If you would like support in making decisions and preparing for college, ADD Mindfulness coaching can be a great resource for you.

A coach will encourage and support you as you manage the new challenges you now face and move into greater independence. In a coaching relationship, you can come up with your own ideas and try different skills and strategies, to find out what is most useful for you.

How does coaching work?

The coach asks questions and listens to your feeling, desires, and goals. Together we brainstorm what methods and strategies could be helpful. Then we set manageable goals and make a plan of action. A coach will never tell you what to do, pass judgment, or ask you to speak about private matters that you don’t feel comfortable discussing.

In between sessions we can check in via email, text, or brief phone calls.

We will focus on planning for your future. The way you learn how to handle your responsibilities, collaborate with others, and make the most of your educational opportunities will determine what comes next in your life.

But we can work together on whatever you most need and want to accomplish. You can feel free to talk about any area of your life: school, jobs, extracurricular activities, relationships, creative projects, and health and wellness.

How Can A Coach Help You?

A coach can help you in many ways, such as:

  • Building self-confidence:
    Identify your strengths, talents, and abilities, and find ways for you to express yourself clearly and calmly.
  • Organizing and prioritizing:
    Explore the best methods to help you schedule your school work and your free time, so that you can complete your assignments and also do other things that are enjoyable for you.
  • Developing ways to stay calm, focus, and concentrate:
    Learn mindfulness skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle so you are better able to sustain attention.
  • Establishing study skills:
    Discover what kind of learner you are and what skills and strategies can help you complete your tasks.
  • Being persistent:
    Stay on track even when it’s difficult and there are setbacks. We’ll look for ways to move beyond the things you feel are holding you back.
  • Planning your future:
    Discuss what kind of college or training program you would like to attend and the best way to prepare for it.

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If you think coaching might be helpful for you, speak to your parents and contact me for a complimentary phone or Skype session, in which we can discuss your needs and I can answer all of your questions. We can set up a time to have a free information session by phone or by Skype. I will need to speak to both the teen and the parents. You can ask me any questions you have and I can explain in more detail how coaching works. I look forward to hearing from you!