Ways Coaching Can Help

If you find it difficult to: deal with frustration and boredom, focus, get organized, make decisions, study, complete projects, and generally accomplish what you need and want to do, coaching can play an important role in allowing you to achieve greater awareness about your challenges and find solutions that will work for your particular situation.

Today, many people are showing a greater interest in holistic and alternative ADHD treatment options that do not have the potential side-effects of commonly prescribed ADHD medications. With your doctor’s approval, medication and many natural and effective methods for treating ADHD can be used together.

ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a specialized form of life coaching. An ADHD coach has not only been trained as a life coach, but also has special training and experience working with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD or who feel they have ADHD type traits that are interfering with day-to-day life.

The Process

First, we will talk about your challenges. Then we will look at your strengths and talents.

People with ADHD traits often have special gifts and can be highly intelligent, creative, sensitive, curious, imaginative, filled with energy and passion.

Ways Coaching Can Help

Together, we will:

Complete an assessment: We will get detailed information on your strengths and challenges and make an action plan.

Examine goals:  We will maintain a balance between the big picture and the day-to-day action steps and details that need to be taken care of along the way.

Look at limiting beliefs:  Mindfulness and focusing enable you to take a step back from negative self-talk and stay true to your values and desires.

Work with your values: How do you want to show up in the world? Through using Mindfulness and other skills, we keep you from fusing with unhelpful emotional responses to setbacks and obstacles, so you can bounce back from obstacles and stay on course.

Create awareness and develop skills: What strengths or qualities do you want to cultivate to move you in the right direction? We’ll keep your attention focused, create schedules, routines, and check-ins to keep you accountable.

Develop self sufficiency: Develop kindness and compassion for yourself. Find you own center of strength. The coaching relationship will support you as you strive to maintain a balance among all areas of life: academic, professional, financial, physical, social—whatever is important to you.

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