Coaching for Mid-Career Change

Mid-Career Change

You may have an established career and have been working in one field for a number of years. Or, you may have already made several changes, but none of them has been a perfect fit.

ADD Mindfulness Coaching for career change offers you a fresh view from which to explore your options. You will clear the field and take the next step toward a more rewarding work life. Together we will find the right methods for you to discover a job that is not just a job, but a passion, one that connects to your deepest desires, talents, values, and strengths.

ADD Mindfulness Coaching for career change involves:

  • Using career assessments and evaluations. You will use both established assessments and create your own. With ADD Mindfulness Coaching you become the creator of your own job search. You write the answers to open ended questions and keep a notebook of ideas and research. We don’t just use the usual intellectual assessments, but combine asking the right questions with mindfulness and focusing skills that enable you to tap into your deepest intuition.
  • Formulating career strategies and plans. Together we will match the strategy with you. Each career development plan is based on individual needs, desires, and styles.
  • Working on resume development. What does your resume say about you? Does it represent your best self and all that you have to offer? What about your personal statement? We will craft a resume and other documents that will help you clarify what you want to do and serve as talking points in conversations and interviews.
  • Developing Interviewing skills. You have much to share and contribute. But in this market, even the brightest and best job seekers may need to hone their interviewing skills. We will find mindful ways for you to maintain your balance and composure, and present you best self in meeting with prospective employers.
  • Managing stress. Making a change in career can bring up a host of unforeseen challenges. The process may not proceed as expected, and you will need to develop grit and perseverance. Mindfulness and other techniques will enable you to persist in the face of challenges until you find the right job fit for you.
  • Finding work life balance. Career change and career development is a marathon not a sprint. Part of the strategy of a successful job search is to balance the journey with the goal. Each day brings fresh opportunities to advance, but also to appreciate this step.

Stages of Life

Whatever stage of life you are in, and whatever your current challenges, a coach can help you develop the skills to find balance, define what kind of business and lifestyle you want to create, identify what is standing in your way, and navigate a path forward.

Coaching can address any area of your life, including: focus and attention, organization, decision-making, goal-setting, career advancement, relationships, health and wellness, and creativity.

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