Holistic ADHD Treatment Information

Following are some sites offering information on complementary and alternative treatment options and other resources for ADHD and related conditions:

ADHD Diets for Children and Adults from Web MD

Natural remedies for ADHD from Web MD

Eating Well When You Have ADHD from the Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Research on ADHD and diet from the Feingold Association of the United States

Information on homeopathy for ADHD from “Homeopathy Today” the blog site for the National Center for Homeopathy

Article on research findings using homeopathy for ADHD from Healthy Child website

ADD-Treatment, an informative site with a lot of holistic resources.

Article by Julianne Davidow on Mindfulness for ADHD on ADHD Coaches Organization website.

Tutoring Agencies

Tutoring can be an excellent aid for anyone struggling with ADHD, or learning challenges of any kind.

Clear Mind Tutoring
Tutoring using mindfulness skills for grades 3-12.

Hecht Tutors
Specializing in high and college math and science.