Tag: Breathing

Aug 23


As you know, this week in the U.S. we experienced an amazing solar eclipse. It “overshadowed” everything so to speak! Most everyone’s attention was focused for a short while on this cosmic event. I got to see it, through the properly prescribed glasses, of course, and it was an incredible feeling. It made me feel …

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Dec 22

Make a Choice

The holidays are here, and many of us feel some anxiety around family, events, celebrations. We’re told it’s a joyful time, but we may not always feel that way. Worries and concerns are not so easy to lay aside. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is said that we each have a place of refuge …

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Jul 27

If only…

Do you even think “If only I had done this differently in the past, then I’d be in a different (easier, better, less challenging) situation now”? Not necessarily true. Eckhart Tolle tells us: “Guilt, regret, resentment, sadness and all forms of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past and not enough presence.” Looking back and …

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Jun 23

Anxiety and Overcoming It

Sometimes you move through life, and things feel as if they are remaining much the same. You get up, deal with whatever is going on that day, and, although you may have some anxiety, you can handle it. And then there are those other times…. For me, they seem to come out of the blue. …

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May 27

The Awareness of Now

Do you ever feel weighed down by your past? Do you look back with sadness or regret at what you did or didn’t do, or with anger at people you’ve encountered? The truth is, it is impossible to remember what really happened, or how we felt at the time. When we look back, we’re not …

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Oct 29

Grounded, Aware, Present

Mindfulness meditation changes the brain. So many research studies have given us proof of this fact. But even if you have a hard time meditating, here is a way to clear a space when your mind feels cluttered and overwhelmed. All you have to remember is GAP: Grounded, Aware, Present. The following is adapted from …

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May 13

Yoga and ADHD Treatment

Have you even woken up feeling as if your mind were scattered in several places? That’s how I felt the other day. I had worked late the night before, stayed on the computer too long, and slept badly.    In the morning, I couldn’t decide which of the many tasks in front of me to …

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