Tag: compassion

Jan 30


Do you ever feel that you didn’t get enough attention as a child? Or maybe you got attention, but it was a negative kind, in which people pointed out your faults and failings, but didn’t appreciate the unique and positive qualities you have. You’re not alone. Many people feel this way, and they carry these …

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Apr 28

Compassion training increases mental focus

For most of us, our minds have a tendency to “wander.” That is, we are not able to keep our focus on one topic for very long before moving on to another one. Research shows that mindfulness practice, in which we pay attention to the present moment in a curious, non judgmental way, increases our …

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Feb 23


Does it ever seem that there are certain things you wish you could change but can’t? Certainly when we’ve been given a diagnosis of ADHD or another disorder, or when we’ve struggled with something for a long time and can’t see any progress, we can fall into despair. There’s something wrong with me, you may …

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