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Oct 30

Opening to possibility

Do you ever wish you could do something, but it seems impossible? Or improbable.  It may not fit in with the image you have of yourself, and your relationship to the world. When we were children, we seemed capable of imagining many things. We could play games and slip into different roles, become anything we …

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Jul 05

Change and Continuity

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Most of us know this quote from the Bible, which is found in the Book of Ecclesiastes.  And those of us who grew up in the 60s know the wonderful song by the musical group The Birds, called “Turn, …

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Nov 30

You are more than you think you are

During this time when the days grow shorter and the world is in a state of great change, it’s more important than ever to train ourselves to focus on what is most meaningful for us. Although we all have personal problems and challenges, we are bigger than they are, and there is always a way …

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May 27

The Awareness of Now

Do you ever feel weighed down by your past? Do you look back with sadness or regret at what you did or didn’t do, or with anger at people you’ve encountered? The truth is, it is impossible to remember what really happened, or how we felt at the time. When we look back, we’re not …

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Jan 27

Find a New View

Here in the Northeast, days are cold and short in January. It’s a time to stay in a lot, and to act in harmony with nature. Nature is in a state of rest. And while we have to continue working, perhaps we can now do it in a way that is more in tune with …

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May 25

There is always a way forward

Do you ever feel that you’ve hit a wall? For me, this feeling seems to come in cycles. Inevitably, after things have been flowing for a while, there’s a downturn. And sometimes the downturn becomes a pitfall. We may lose faith that there is any way out. But there is always a way. Trying to …

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Nov 24


We set goals and try to attain them. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it seems the universe has its own agenda for us. Maybe we don’t get our first-choice school, or get hired for that job we applied for. Maybe we have faced a lot of rejection, and we feel that because …

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Mar 17

Welcoming New Energy

Spring is around the corner, and, for many of us, it feels as if a new energy wants to move into our lives. Perhaps there are new things we’d like to accomplish, plans we’d like to make. But to welcome in this new energy, we need to make some space. Our lives are often so …

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