Enormously Helpful, Always Genuine

As an artist and an entrepreneur, my life and work have blossomed since I started working with Julianne. She has an innate ability to gently find ways to inspire me to expand my thinking and sharpen my focus. As a result, I have begun to work with more inspiration and enthusiasm than ever before.

Along with the renewed ability to channel my energy into work has also come a greater sense of aliveness. This has enabled me to create a more active social life and pay more attention to health and exercise—which I had not been doing for a long time.

Julianne has a tremendous capacity for empathy, and her kindness permeates the rigorous standards she applies to her work. Her insights are enormously helpful and always genuine. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, and believe that anyone who works with her will be greatly rewarded.

Carolyn Bistrian Proprietor, Bend in the Road Guesthouse February 2, 2013