Julianne Davidow is a remarkably gifted coach.

Julianne Davidow is a remarkably gifted coach. Through her skills of empathic listening and thoughtful insight, she creates a supportive atmosphere which helped me create awareness in areas where I found myself blocked. Using intuition and perceptive questions, she was able to help me view my challenges with more clarity so that I was then able to craft constructive strategies to move forward. Julianne has an ability to thoughtfully assess a situation, and provide an environment where one can find the answer that is the best “fit” for them.

Along with her commitment to me as a client, Julianne’s coaching and guidance have been instrumental in helping me to live a more mindful and affirming life.

Suzanne Levy, ACC, CMC, CWC evergreenlifeandwellnesscoaching March 17, 2016

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