Julianne has been a great help to me because I had no sense of direction. I am looking to do a career change and had no idea where to start. Julianne quickly got me to narrow my thoughts and start to focus on the right goals. I now have a clear path for my career change. Julianne's style made me comfortable immediately so it has been an easy and productive process.


Yvette Aviles, HR Manager March 23, 2017

Julianne Davidow is a remarkably gifted coach. Through her skills of empathic listening and thoughtful insight, she creates a supportive atmosphere which helped me create awareness in areas where I found myself blocked. Using intuition and perceptive questions, she was able to help me view my challenges with more clarity so that I was then able to craft constructive strategies to move forward. Julianne has an ability to thoughtfully assess a situation, and provide an environment where one can find the answer that is the best “fit” for them.

Along with her commitment to me as a client, Julianne’s coaching and guidance have been instrumental in helping me to live a more mindful and affirming life.

Suzanne Levy, ACC, CMC, CWC evergreenlifeandwellnesscoaching March 17, 2016

Julianne Davidow's coaching helped me take control of my abilities. Not only did I become more organized, she helped me feel expansive when I was closed up.

T.D. University Student July 5, 2014

Working with Julianne provided me the support I needed to write successfully for an academic assignment. Her mentorship strategies allowed me to revise my methods as an academic writer and to polish my language. But I must also say that her relaxation techniques helped me overcome my stress about writing. I truly believe her ability to provide support in these different areas is what distinguish her from other tutors and writing coaches.

Cristina Salazar Ed.D July 5, 2014

I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Julianne Davidow as a dissertation coach. Before I met her, I was feeling lost, alone, and hopeless. But because of her support and guidance, I was able to complete the first three chapters of my dissertation in a little over two months. Working with Julianne as a dissertation coach has been one of the best things I have done for my scholastic life, and has resulted in my feeling much more confident and positive about my abilities.

JS Ph.D(c), MSN, RN, CNE, BC July 5, 2014

As an artist and an entrepreneur, my life and work have blossomed since I started working with Julianne. She has an innate ability to gently find ways to inspire me to expand my thinking and sharpen my focus. As a result, I have begun to work with more inspiration and enthusiasm than ever before.

Along with the renewed ability to channel my energy into work has also come a greater sense of aliveness. This has enabled me to create a more active social life and pay more attention to health and exercise—which I had not been doing for a long time.

Julianne has a tremendous capacity for empathy, and her kindness permeates the rigorous standards she applies to her work. Her insights are enormously helpful and always genuine. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, and believe that anyone who works with her will be greatly rewarded.

Carolyn Bistrian Proprietor, Bend in the Road Guesthouse February 2, 2013