Who I Serve

I welcome clients from all walks of life. But the people who are drawn to me are usually those who are bright, creative, and motivated. Although they may have been diagnosed with ADHD or simply have problems with attention, hyperactivity, or distractibility, they are committed to living according to their values and following their visions.

High School, College, and Graduate Students
You want to make the right academic and career choices, excel in your chosen fields, and do work that is meaningful to you and in fields where you can make a difference.

Entrepreneurs and Artists
You are self-starters who want to create the business and lifestyle that suits your talents and abilities. You are independent and creative.

Conscientious Business People and Helping Professionals
You are committed to your work and to using your profession for the betterment of others. Although you are interested in your own success, you also want to make a contribution to the world.

But no matter what you study or what kind of work you do, clients I work with usually share similar qualities. You:
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    • Desire to achieve your best:

You want to use your gifts and abilities to fulfill your potential. You want to experience a feeling of accomplishment and receive recognition.

    • Want to benefit others as well as yourself.

Although you want to be successful to experience a sense of accomplishment, you also want to contribute to the lives of others.

    • Are self-sufficient, but are able to ask for help when needed.

You are motivated and committed to living your best life. You use a coach in order to have a support system, to have someone to discuss ideas with, and to hold you accountable as you move forward in your chosen direction.

    • Have a desire to do meaningful work.

You need to love what you do, and to find ways to do the kinds of things that bring meaning and value into your life and into the lives of others.

    • Are flexible.

You are able to make adjustments in your behavior and try new things if you think it will help you to expand your potential.


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