Coaching for Career Development-Starting Out

Starting Out

Coaching for Career Development

You may have just graduated from college or graduate school and are looking for your first job. Or, you may have been working for a few years, and you feel a need to progress to a different job or may a job change. With ADD Mindfulness coaching, you can:

  • Identify your strengths, talents, and values through assessments and focusing exercises. We don’t just use the usual intellectual assessments, but combine asking the right questions with mindfulness and focusing skills that enable you to tap into your deepest intuition.
  • Find ways to use your strengths to move forward in your valued direction. Once you identify your strengths, talents and values, you are able to explore even more aspects of your passions and values to widen your knowledge of what kinds of work you would enjoy doing, where you want to work, the environment you want to work in, and what you want to contribute through your work.
  • Improve focus and attention through mindfulness and other techniques. You will learn to focus your attention on just those areas that are meaningful and important to you, screening out what gets in the way of your achieving what you want to achieve.
  • Set goals and make break them into action steps. Each step of the process will have a goal in mind, whether that is the goal of taking assessments, keeping lists of your research data, or decided it’s time to narrow your choices of a career. Then, we’ll break that goal into definable action steps.
  • Manage stress through mindfulness and other lifestyle choices. Focusing and maintaining a healthy balance of activities is essential to living a joyful life. It’s not just the destination, but the way you arrive there that counts!

Stages of Life

Whatever stage of life you are in, and whatever your current challenges, a coach can help you develop the skills to find balance, define what kind of business and lifestyle you want to create, identify what is standing in your way, and navigate a path forward.

Coaching can address any area of your life, including: focus and attention, organization, decision-making, goal-setting, career advancement, relationships, health and wellness, and creativity.

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